1000w 2000w 2500w laserski laserski rezanje cijena stroja

nLIGHT 1000w 2000w 2500w lasersko rezanje cijena stroj za rezanje

Tehnički podaci

Cutting Area:200*6000mm
Brzina rezanja: 0-60000mm / min
Podržani grafički formati: AI, DWG, DXF, DXP, PLT
Primjena: Lasersko rezanje
Stanje: Novo
Cutting Thickness:depending on laser power
CNC ili ne: Da
Način hlađenja: hlađenje zraka
Control Software:Cypcut/PA8000
Mjesto podrijetla: Anhui, Kina (kopno)
Certifikat: CE
Jamstvo: 2 godine
Laser Source:Raycus/IPG
Laser head:Precitic/Raytool
PLC system:PA8000/Cypcut
Driving system and Motor:YASKAWA SERVO
Gear:YYC, Taiwan
Guide rail:HIWIN, Taiwan
Cutting length:200-6000 mm
Minimum cutting width:0.02-0.08 mm
Diameter of tube:20-210mm

Pipe and Box Section Cutting Machine

is mainly used for cutting pipe, tube and oval tube,triangle pipe, angle and channel with high-efficiency and high-precision.It has wide application in kinds of industry like: fitness equipment, tube industry, medical equipment, stainless steel furniture, automobile, oil equipment, etc.

ImePipe and Box Section Cutting Machine
Machine modelpametan KJG-1530D
Laser SourceRaycus / IPG
Water coolerHanli
Machine BodyFin CNC, China, 6 meters effective working length, welded by 16-20MM steel plate,heat treatment of whole structure after welding.
Laser headRaytool/Precitec
PLC systemCypcut/PA8000
Driving system and MotorYASKAWA
Guide railTajvan
Minimum cutting width0.02-0.08 mm
Maximum cutting thicknessdepending on power of laser
Diameter of  tube20-210 mm
Available cut pipe shapeCircular,rectangular, oval,angle, channel etc.
Cutting length200-6000 mm
Chucks ( Front and back)Pneumatic chucks, automatic centering
Pneumatic supporting system5 sets, suitable for pipes of different diameters ranging from 20-200mm
Electricity requirements380/50,60 V/HZ
Ukupna snaga35 KW
Voltage stabilizerZhengtai, China, Suitable for 50 KVA,50HZ
Graphic Format SupportedPRO/E.UG, Solidworks,etc
Material availableCarbon steel, stainless steel,copper, brass,aluminum
Max. Acceleration1G
Floor Loading500kg/M2
Total Weight12 tons


Q:How a Fiber Laser Works?
A:While many of our clients know that they have need of a laser, many don’t actually know how a fiber laser works! So whether you’re new to the industry, or you’re just looking to brush up on your knowledge and learn something new on how fiber lasers work, then this article is for you!

Q:What is a fiber laser?
A: fiber laser is a laser where the active medium being used is an optical fiber that has been doped in rare elements; typically, erbium, ytterbium, neodymium, thulium, praseodymium, holmium or dysprosium. While you don’t need to worry too much about which rare-earth elements have been used, the main thing to note is that it is fiber that is being used at the centre of this laser machine.
This is different to the two other main types of laser, which are gas lasers (typically uses helium-neon or carbon dioxide) and crystal lasers (using Nd:YAG). Fiber lasers are the newest type of laser to hit the market, with many arguing that it is the more beneficial of the three types.